Canteen Mega Drafi Perdika-Sivota Thesprotia Epirus Greece!

Our canteen is located on the exotic Mega Drafi beach 7 km from Perdika and 4 km from Sivota!
We have created spaces for you to park your vehicles (from car to bicycle), saving you the hassle and time!
Our beach is organized.You can rent umbrellas and sunbeds from us and enjoy your swim by drinking your coffee, your drink or your soft drink!
Enjoy a sea-side cool with frozen beers, cool refreshments, juices and coffees, ice creams, as well as ouzo and tsipouro with the perfect snack for relaxed lunches!
If swimming makes you hungry in our canteen you will find fresh cool salads, meats, fresh fish and seafood, all freshly cooked or grilled!
Spend beautiful noons enjoying your food, drink or coffee listening to Live music!

Find Canteen Mega Drafi on the map!

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