Vetoulis Grill Perdika Thesprotia Epirus Greece!

Betoulis Grill is located in the center of Perdika, at the beginning of the village square, in a beautifully landscaped and comfortable area!
In our grill you will find chicken on the spit, kokoretsi and kontosouvli on the spit, all from fresh local meat!
Enjoy fresh grilled gyros from pork or chicken, made with our traditional recipe,with pita, club sandwich with plain pita or cornmeal pita!
We prepare delicious souvlaki, sausages and burgers for you, eat them flat or in a pita or even sandwiches, as well as ribs and steaks, all grilled!
In our grill you will also find salads made from fresh vegetables, as well as appetizers such as fried zucchini and eggplants, traditional galotiri, tirokafteri and more!
Accompany your meal with iced beer or a bottle of beer, bulk wine, cool refreshments, or start your meal with a tsipouro or ouzo with a similar appetizer!

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