Karvounis Family Pizzeria Restaurant Perdika THesprotia Epirus Greece!

Karvounis Family has been with you since 1982, in the center of Perdika opposite the church and next to the playground, in a very sophisticated space!
At Karvounis Family we have our own traditional recipe for fluffy dough and use the freshest ingredients to create delicious pizzas waiting for you to try!
Enjoy well-cooked spaghetti as you prefer! CChoose from a wide selection from our list: Bolognese, Carbonara, Special Oven, Four Cheese penne pasta, Family Tortellini, Shrimp Macaroni and many more
Here you will also find delicious roasts such as: Pork and beef steak, Tenderloin, Schnitzel with mushroom sauce, Chicken Fillet, Fresh minced meat burger, as well as:Grandma Chicken, Fresh green beans, Mousaka, Pastitsio and many more!
Start your meal with our delicious appetizers such as: Crust Feta (Feta cheese in crust, Fried and Breaded with Sesame, Honey and Balsamic Sauce), Bujourdi, Saganaki Metaxa, garlic bread and continue with fresh salads like: Rocca-Parmesan, Caesar Salad, Greek salad etc!
Accompany your meal with cold beer or a bottle of beer, bulk wine, cool refreshments, or start your meal with tsipouro or ouzo with a similar appetizer!
At the end we offer a handmade sweet!

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