Perdika Thesprotia Stores

Karvounis Family Pizzeria Restaurant!

Karvounis Family has been with you since 1982, in the center of Perdika opposite the church and next to the playground, in a very neat and beautiful space!
At Karvounis Family we have our traditional recipe for fluffy dough and use the freshest ingredients to create delicious pizzas waiting for you to try!

Kamini Seafood Tavern  Kamini Beach Perdika Thesprotia!

"Kamini" Fish Restaurant is located on the Kamini beach 7km from Perdika and 5km from Sivota heading for the Agia Paraskevi beach, in a private beachfront property, built with love! Enjoy fresh fish and seafood cooked as only we know! Lobster and shrimp, mussels and other shells, squid and octopus and fresh fish from the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea!

La Piatsa-Bistro & Wine Bar Perdika Thesprotias!

The Piazza is located in the central square of Perdika and is open from early in the morning until late at night! Enjoy your coffee, iced beers and tsipouro with snacks, delicious cocktails, good food and Fine wines !!
Our kitchen is open after 7:00 in the afternoon, with a series of delicious dishes such as homemade beef carpaccio, halloumi saganaki with ouzo aroma, couscous penne etc., with ethnic influences and based on pure and fresh ingredients, offering delicious and visual pleasure for all tastes.
We have chosen for you, a series of quality brands wines that we suggest you try, either as accompaniments to your food, or alone with various accompaniments!
From early noon for ice cold beers and tsipouro with meze, until late at night for a drink and the most sophisticated and delicious cocktails, the Piazza is your destination.
And if you can not come to the Piazza, then the Piazza is coming to you!
With a simple phone call to +302665097023 and +306948882323!


The Taverna Skala Karavostasi, is located on one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Epirus, Karavostasi.It is built in an idyllic location, offering its clients fantastic views all day long!
Here you will find fresh fish, fish from the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea, as well as various seafood cooked delicious! Try shrimp, lobster, mussels, shrimp, squid, octopus, big and small fish!

Blue Bay Club Karavostasi Beach Perdika Thesprotia!

Blue Bay Club is located on Karavostasi Beach in Perdika Thesprotia and is really next to the beach!
Enjoy fresh fish and seafood cooked as only we know how, as well as grilled meats, hamburgers, delicious pasta, cool salads and many delicious side dishes and appetizers!
Quench your thirst with a refreshing cocktail or an ice cold beer, try freshly squeezed juices, ouzo and tsipouro with mezedaki and of course the coffee you like the way you like it!

MYTHOS BAR Perdika Thesprotia

All year long from early morning until late at night, Myth is open and waiting for you!
To drink your coffee as you like or for take away!
For tsipouro and appetizers, for frozen beers, for hot chocolate by the fireplace, for cool cocktails, for shots and good music, for dancing and fun!

Super Market Tsantos!

You will find our shop when you enter Perdika, on the road, very close to the village stadium!
In us you will find fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and cheese products, cold cuts, frozen meats and fish, frozen puff pastries and vegetables, juices, soft drinks, spirits, confectionery and haberdashery, detergents and paper products, detergents and paper products and seasonal products for your home or shop!

Carfly Car rentals in Parga, Sivota, Perdika, Igoumenitsa, Preveza, Ioannina!

RENTAL - CARFLY is a family car rental company that aims to take care of every detail of your trip and offer you the most ideal vacation, with a car fleet suitable for you.
Our Higher Studies in Tourism, as well as our training and experience in this field, due to our many years of experience in this area, contribute to your excellent service.
At Carfly we have made car rental a simple process.
You choose a car, read our rental conditions, contact us and you are ready to enjoy your vacation with our continued support!

Pakos Autohouse Car Service Perdika Thesprotia Greece

Equipped with the latest machinery, our shop is ready to provide you with the solution you need for your car to function properly!
From a simple mechanical check to even the whole machine being replaced!
Come to us for: Oil Change, Tire Check & Alter, Balance, Brake Replacement, Battery Check & Replacement, Suspension Changing, Damage Repair!
Here's the solution!


With our long-standing presence, our store is ready to provide you with the solutions you need to build, renovate, maintain, repair!
You will find interior and exterior colors in all shades, tile and marble products, sealants, plumbing products, compressors, improvers and special mortars, thermal insulation products, professional and agricultural tools and a range of other products that will untie your hands on the best prices on the market!

Michael Lachanidis & Partners Construction and Building Works

With over 20 years of experience, our workshop is synonymous with quality in manufacturing and consistency in prices and delivery time.
We undertake paintings, drywall installation, woodworking, ironwork, insulation!

Ioannis Zois Tiles and Marble Workshop!

With over 30 years in the field of construction, our workshop has a wealth of experience and know-how, and at the same time, we keep up-to-date with all the latest materials and constantly refurbish our equipment. We have been trusted both for small constructions such as a backyard paving and for the completion of shops and large hotel units with the best results ever. We serve all of Greece.

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