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Perdika Thesprotias Greece

Mountain and sea

Mountain and sea!

Placed at an altitude of about 200 meters, Perdika combines harmoniouslyMountain and Sea.
Walk among olive trees, oranges and lemons, smell oregano and thyme, find wild asparagus, capers and other wild herbs.

Crystal Turquoise Waters

Crystal Turquoise Waters

Swim in the crystal turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea at the beaches of Perdika.
World famous beaches and of indescribable beauty like Karavostasi and Agia Paraskevi waiting to be discovered by you!

Fairytale Sunsets

Fairytale Sunsets

Perhaps Santorini is notorious for its sunsets, but if you haven't watch a sunset in Perdika you haven't see anything!
Enjoy fairytale sunsets and let your mind travel with your loved one as the sun disappears behind Corfu island!

 Epirus Hospitality

Epirus Hospitality

Feel the Hospitality of Epirus!
Perdika has accommodation for everyone!
Above all, however, we will greet you with a smile and make your stay unforgettable!

Yummy Yummy food

Food and more

We may be a village but there are grills, pizzerias, café-bars, bakeries, pastry shops, gas station, markets and everything else you may need and above all we are eager to serve you!

Εύκολη Πρόσβαση

Easy Acces

Get in your car and on Egnatia road take the exit to Vasilikos (8km from Igoymenitsa),follow the road signs and in 20 minutes you will be in Perdika!So simple!

How to get here!

Perdika as seen, coming from Karteri(Egnatia road)!

It is a fact that in the past the region of Epirus in general was inaccessible due to the peculiar morphology of the terrain, to it's large mountains and to the poor road network..
However, with the construction of the Egnatia and Ionian highways, distances have declined dramatically lately and access to most areas of Epirus and Perdika has become easy..
Thessaloniki, for example, is about 330km from Perdika, so it takes about three hours to get to Perdika, which means that you can easily visit us for a weekend with a toll cost of 9 euros..
On the other hand, the distance between Athens and Perdika is about 450km and it takes more than 4 hours for the trip, with the cost of tolls varying from 25 to 35 euros depending on whether you will use the Rio Antirio Bridge.
If you are coming from Northern Greece all you have to do is follow the Egnatia Road to Igoumenitsa and take the last exit before Igoumenitsa (about 10km) to Vassilikos!
From there you will find road signs and you will reach Perdika after 20 km.
All you have to do is to pay attention when you take a short turn left on the old Igoumenitsa-Preveza highway and keep in mind the signs toAll you have to pay attention to is when you take a short turn left on the old Igoumenitsa-Preveza highway, keep in mind the signs and turn 100 meters to the village of Karteri on the right. turn 100 meters to the village of Karteri on the right..
If you are coming through the Ionian highway, get to Ioannina, get the Egnatia highway to Igoumenitsa and follow the same route.
If you are coming from the old Preveza-Igoumenitsa highway, turn to the village of Karteri, 100 meters before turning to Egnatia!

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Agios Athanasios

Άγιος Αθανάσιος Πέρδικα Θεσπρωτίας

Agios Athanasios,considered one of the most miraculous monasteries of Thesprotia and has a lot of visitors all year round!
The monastery has been in its current position (about 2 km from Karavostasi ), since 1811.
According to tradition, the icon of Agios Athanasios left the monastery's original location every night, and the villagers found it in the hollow of an olive tree where the monastery was later transported!
This olive tree even exists and according to custom you have to pass three times through the hollow to get the saint's blessing!
Built in an idyllic location amongst olive groves with centuries-old trees and by the river, Agios Athanasios Monastery is ideal for performing ceremonies!
Choose Agios Athanasios of Perdika for your wedding or baptism, get the blessing of the Saint and in combination with the beautiful scenery and the nearby beaches, live unique moments with your loved ones and impress your guests!

Agia Paraskevi

Agia Paraskevi Perdika Thesprotias

Agia Paraskevi is a chapel on the homonymous beach of Agia Paraskevi!
Built literally on the rocks and next to the sea across a little islet, it is an attraction for many visitors not only on July 26, which is the nameday of Saint Paraskevi, but throughout the year and especially during the summer season.
It is a favorite destination for wedding and christening mysteries and during the summer dozens of couples from all over the world are united in the picturesque chapel..
Choose Agia Paraskevi of Perdika for your wedding or christening, and make unforgetable some of the most important moments of your life in an exotic landscape of turquoise waters!

Carnival of Perdika

Περδικιώτικο Καρναβάλι

Perdika hosts many events throughout the year such as the Olive Oil Fest and the Reunion of the people who originate from Perdika , which are held every year on the first days of August.
But it stands out the Carnival of Perdika.
A Carnival that was created by Perdika's residents' need for fun and wich is measuring about 50 years of history and memories.
Groups of carnivalists, chariots, fun, dance, imagination, create an explosive-festive atmosphere!
Celebrations begin on the first Sunday of Halloween with a children's carnival, treasure hunt, carnival makeup, carnival clowns!
Next is the big Carnival the following Sunday with a parade of chariots and a crazy spree at Perdika Square!
The festivities conclude on Monday which is called "Clean Monday" with the traditional kite flying in Karavostasi where taramas, lagana and bean soup are offered.!
Come for Halloween to Perdika to have fun with us and escape the usual!

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