Tsantos Christos Auto Moto House Perdika Thesprotia Epirus Greece!

Tsantos Auto Moto House is located at the entrance of Perdika, on the main street, just after the gym, next to Tsantos Supermarket!
We take care of cleaning and washing your car as well as biological cleaning, machine wash, lantern unpacking, polishing and waxing!
In our shop you will find everything you need for a car! Oil of all types, cleaners, mats, special covers, xenon lamps, while we undertake the repair of upholstery!
ou can also find what you need for your motorcycle! Tires, brakes, cables, gears, batteries, chains, oils of all types, electrical, seat covers, as well as helmets, gloves and clothing!
We have everything about bicycles, tires, wheels, brakes, cables, speeds, saddles and we also provide service!

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